Saving more than 120h/month on work coordination

Using apps on our Smartwatch and tablets we help you improve your manual assembly processes. Below is an example of a process optimization at our customer's site in Siemens Amberg.

The Problem

Efficient organization of manual assembly: provisioning of accurate information, flexible coordination of tasks.

Legacy solution Paper-based workflow

Paper-based workflow: Task assignment and assembly instructions on paper.

Our Solution using wearable devices

Assembly apps on tablet and smartwatch: assembly instructions on tablet, task assigment and notifications smartwatch, real-time visualization on digital kanban board.


Improved operational efficiency by replacing paper-based workflows: Up-to-date digital information and savings of 120h/month.

120h/month saved

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Examples how to improve assembly processes using wearables

Workers get step-by-step instructions directly on their smartphone. Sketches and documents can be diplayed on tablets and provide up-to-date information.

Process deviations and missing items can directly be reported with the touch-interface of the watch. All task data will be stored and can be analyzed for further process improvements.

  • Get rid of paper-based picking lists
  • Improve sequence compliance
  • Save time by directly ordering missing quantities
  • Improve transparency, e.g. cycle times

In case of a machine downtime, an alarm can directly be sent to the smartwatch of the maintenance engineer. Step-by-step repair instructions together with needed material information further improve the maintenance process. All tasks can directly be documented incl photo documentation.

  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Improve quality with step-by-step instructions
  • Instant documentation, e.g. photos
  • Shorten feedback cycles, e.g. job approvals